Sunday, July 29, 2012

Safeek ali -(Dietitian) Ramadan TV show talking about Ramadan & kids

Safeek ( Dietitian, Welcare Hospital,Dubai), on Dubai's famous TV show the City Wrap on Dubai one TV, talking about Ramadan & kids

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan fasting of Islam Documentary -

Virtues of Ramadan"with
Shaikh: Yasir Qadhi
A new series of short programs highlighting the main lessons of the month of Ramadhan

The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam), during the time of Ramadan, stood up on a Minbar, called the Companions, gave them a Khutbah, and said, Oh people, know that a month is upon you. Know that you witnessing a month that Allah subhanahu wa taala has made sacred, that Allah subhanahu wa taala made obligatory to fast during its days and He has requested that you stand during its nights (its not obligatory, but it is rather good to do so).

Locked Up

This month, as said by the Prophet, is one that all of the doors of Hell are shut and chained, and all of the gates of Ramadan are opened, meaning that every opportunity to do good is opened up, you are safe from the fire of Hell, and go to Jannah. This is a month that the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) has said that all of the evil Shayaateen are locked up, and they are not allowed to go around, whispering evil thoughts and this is a month that every single night, Allah suhanahu wa taala saves people who were destined to go to Hell, and this month has a day that is better that is better than a thousands months. This month is Ramadan.

The Preferred Month

Allah has preferred certain months over others, and Ramadan is the most preferred month in the sight of Allah.Realize that this month has been made very easy as the Shayaateen and gates of Hell are locked, and also realize that 100 percent of the evil deeds that you do in this month is solely from your soul. Therefore, Ramadan is a reflection of your soul.

The Three Ameens

One day, when the Prophet was giving the Friday Khutbah, he was climbing up the pulpit, which had three steps. When he climbed the first step, he said Ameen. Then he climbed up the second and said Ameen. Then he climbed up the third and said Ameen. So the companions were confused and said, Oh Messenger of Allah, we have never heard you say Ameen every time you climb a step. What is the reason for this? The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) said, When I was climbing the pulpit, Jibreel came to me and told me, Oh Muhammad, anyone in your nation who manages to be alive when Ramadan comes and does not manage to get his sins forgiven, let him perish in the HellFire Say Ameen! So Muhammad said Ameen. Then when he climbed the second step, Jibreel said, Anyone who manages to catch Laylatul Qadr and does not managed to get his sins forgiven, may he perish in the HellFire Say Ameen! So the Prophet said Ameen and when the Prophet climbed the third step, Jibreel said to him, Oh Muhammad, anyone of your Ummah who manages to catch one of them or both, when they are elderly and they need his help and is not able to service them properly and get his sins forgiven, may he perish say Ameen! So the Prophet said Ameen. So three duas are made three golden opportunities that even the worst of men can get all of their sins erased by turning to Allah. Two of those opportunities are related to Ramadan the entire month and Laylatul Qadr. Therefore, if you cannot be righteous in this month, then there is no hope for you because there are no excuses.

Three ways to forgive all bad deeds:

So what do you have to do? The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) mentioned three things and anyone of them will unconditionally forgive all of ones bad deeds: 1. Whoever fasts the entire month of Ramadan, believing in Allah and hoping for Allahs reward.
2. Standing up at night in Ramadan (ex. Taraweeh)
3. The night of Laylatul Qadr.


One more blessing of Ramadan is that it is the month when you perfect your fasting in it, and you can enter through a special door set aside for those who fast. The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) said, In Jannah, there is a special door called Ar-Rayyan and Ar-Rayyan means that which will give you a lot of water, because the way to get to that is to deprive yourself of water (by fasting).

Ramadan has been put for you to achieve righteousness and piety this is the ultimate goal; Allah does not benefit when you tire yourself out. Rather, you are the one that benefit. May Allah make us among those whose sins are forgiven in this month, whose fasting is accepted, whose reading of the Quran is accepted, and whose Qiyyam is accepted, and may He make us among those who enter Jannah through the gate of Rayyan

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Muslims Welcome Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan for Muslims, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is considered the most blessed and spiritually-beneficial month of the year. Prayers, fasting, charity, and self-accountability are especially stressed at this time of year among those who observe.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Because of YOU

Because of YOU, Islamic Relief has been able to make a difference to the lives of people around the world.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

EL Sajjadah is an illuminating prayer mat that lights up when facing Makkah-பிரகாசிக்கக் கூடிய ஒளியுடைய பிரார்த்தனை பாய் (முசல்லா)

பிரகாசிக்கக் கூடிய ஒளியுடைய பிரார்த்தனை பாய் (முசல்லா)
EL Sajjadah is an illuminating prayer mat that lights up when facing Makkah. 'EL' stands for 'Electro Luminescent' and 'Sajjadah' means 'Prayer Mat'. EL Sajjadah is thin and flexible. You can roll it and carry it around in its special case. EL Sajjadah is not only a functional / practical product but also a unique art piece that you can hang on the wall as a night light.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

பேரீச்சம்பழ பச்சடி date Salad

பேரீச்சம்பழ பச்சடி date Salad

Health benefits of dates are uncountable, as this fruit is affluent in natural fibres. Dates are even rich in several vitamins and minerals. These natural products contain oil, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are advantageous for health. It is said that consumption of one date daily is necessary for a balanced and healthy diet. Dates help in fighting constipation, intestinal disorders, weight gain, heart problems, sexual weakness, diarrhoea and abdominal cancer.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

தேரிழந்தூர் தாஜுதீன் ""நம்மோடு தாஜ் " பாகம் -1+ பாகம் -2

தேரிழந்தூர் தாஜுதீன் "நம்மோடு தாஜ் " தேரிழந்தூர் தாஜுதீன் Moon T. V க்கு பேட்டி தீனிசைத் தென்றல், அமீரகத் தமிழ்ப்பாடகர் தேரிழந்தூர் தாஜுதீன் தனது தேனிசைக் குரலால் செறிவுமிக்க இஸ்லாமியப் பாடலைப் பாடி சமூக நலத்தொண்டாற்றி வருகின்றார்.