Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sirah2-Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) marriage to Khadija/P1/2

Part 1: Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) marriage to Khadija (ra)
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The period of the Prophet's family life during his marriage to his first wife, Khadijah, could be considered as the prototype of an Islamic family life. This implies that we should look at this period as the ideal example for family relationships, practices, and attitudes which we should emulate. There is a lesson to be learned from each aspect of this relationship, starting with the circumstances surrounding its onset, followed by the numerous, happy and sad incidents known to us that filled this period of the Prophet's life.
The marriage of prophet Muhammad pbuh and Khadija was most successful. It was blessed with felicity unlimited for both husband and wife. Khadija dedicated her life to the service of her husband and of Islam. She spent all her vast wealth in strengthening Islam, and on the welfare of the Muslim
Sirah2-Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) marriage to Khadija/P2/2

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