Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unity among Muslims Nasheed - نشيد مولانا أوصانا أن نبقى إخوانا

Islamic Nasheed Mawlana 'Awsana مولانا أوصانا أن نبقى إخوانا

* No string or wind music instruments used. All computerized halal beats. Nasheed Song used for good cause.

(Mawlana.. 'Awsana.. 'Ann Nabqa.. Ikhwana)

- Our lord.. urged us.. to stay brethrens (brothers)

- You are my beloved I swear by Allah..

- You are brothers in Islam

- And so are all the believers.. my brothers in this religion

- we render between us the passion.. that's how faith will grow

- in helping each other in hardships.. the poor and needy!


While eyes sleep..
I stay up.. I will not leave al-Madinah (City of Prophet Muhammad) while it's full of millions of people..

Millions of people visited it and left it, but we shall stay.. its environment I adore..!


O Brothers.. come and let's follow the example of Taha (Prophet Muhammad)..

Who's a man from Quraysh that came to this world.. and eliminated its darkness..

The messenger of Allah.. He was mercifull and pitiful on the slaves of Allah.. (Salla ^Alayhillah) Allah raised his rank..

By doing the good, he generously gave and exceeded in giving for the sake of Allah..

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