Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Most Powerful Man In The World

The Most Powerful Man In The World, So, who is the Most Powerful man, No! not these Trillion, Billion & Millionaires, No! not The Bankers, Nor these Politicians Or Their Parliaments.

Who is it that enables these Elitists

Who is it that allows them power

Who allows their contemptuous laws by giving consent

Who creates their wealth while reneging on mankind

Who builds their homes

Who produces their cars, their cloths, shoes, carpets & linins

Who ploughs their fields, plants the seed & harvests

Who makes their chemicals & poisons

Who carries these to market only to harm his brother

Who kills for these corporate idolaters, moneychangers, thieves & defilers of Humankind

Who Then Has The Power ?



Use It & Change The World

There Are No Shortages Only Speculators

There Is No Lack Of Money Or Bullion

All The Finance Needed To Correct The Damage Done To The Global Mass Resides Within The Vaults Of The Above Elite

Illegal Profits, Extortion Money, Market Racketeering

Gained By Manipulation & Creating Wars Over The Centuries

While telling Us To be Proud Of our Heroes, Bless Them.

You Have The Power Without Which These Deceitful Elite Could Not Exist

Stand Up To Injustice

The Corporations Need Your "Cooperation" To Exist, To Be Able To Continue Robbing The Poor & Starving

Peaceful Lawful Rebellion Is Your Right

Together, We The Workers Are THE Power On Earth

You Are The Most Powerful Human In The World

IF You Have The Strength To Use Such Power

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