Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hajj Pilgrimage - ஹஜ் புனித யாத்திரை

ஹஜ் என்றால் என்ன? முஸ்லிம்கள் புனித யாத்திரை
 What is Hajj? Pilgrimage of Muslims

Labbaikallah humma labbaik

Labbaikala sharikalakalabbaik
Innal hamda wanni'mata
Lakawalmulk la syarikalak
Going for hajj means going to face Allah the Only God,Bringing heart which is shamed,
Giving gift to Allah,Be careful when facing Him
Every slave going for hajj with good intention
Pure heart and good akhlak,halal wealth and clean heart,Pious intention and good amal
Going for hajj, you must have knowledge about it, So that you complete its rukn(stepwise)
Sah and batal will be observed,So that your amal is not wasteful
going hajj, you must take care of ur akhlak
tertib and akhlak must also be observed
performed it with peace and tawaddu',you must have patience and cooperation, dont be pushing other human
being in haraam, be careful of its rule
going for hajj its not the time for shopping
remember to straighten ur niat/intention
so that ur hajj will b accepted
observed the rule which can ruin ur hajj
get away from maksiat which is wasteful
fear Allah and remember Him always
so that we have soul of a slave

Credits to: Bro Fahi

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