Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Islamic Response to Insults of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Assalamu Alaikum!

This is a very much requested video. People have been asking what is my personal reaction/ opinion towards the anti-islam movie, that has been recently released on youtube.
This is only my opinion.

There are three main sad points in the whole story:
1- Prophet was insulted
2- Muslims lost temper
3- Innocent lives were taken away

And you know what? The saddest of those three are actually the last two.
Prophets used to be insulted. Everyday.
But how did they deal with it? Did they get angry? Did they get upset? Did they kill?
He kept patient and calm. He continued showing us the best example.

Another story that I did not include:
Everyday Prophet Muhammad was going through the same house and everyday the lady of the house would through trash on him.
Lets stop and look at this situation. What was his reaction? Did he got angry? Did he tell his companions to kill her? NO...
He didnt even change the route. He kept on walking through the same house everyday. And everyday he would get trash thrown on his head. But one day it didnt happen. The Prophet walked pass the house and he didnt get his daily ''delivery''.
Again lets stop and look back. How did he react to this? Was he happy? No...
He came to the doors of that house and knocked on them. The server of the house opened the door. Prophet was worried. He asked if everything is okey with the house lady, is she sick, does she need any help?
And that my friends is the example of the Prophet.

Learn from the best Inshallah.


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