Saturday, January 4, 2014

யாதும் Yaadhum

The film is about Tamil Muslim history and identity, and how Islam took early roots in
the Tamil country, even as it was spreading across the Arabian peninsula and beyond.
The story is told through Kombai S. Anwar's perspective, and covers archaeological
excavations, inscriptions, old mosques built in the architectural traditions of Tamil
Nadu & Kerala, literature and interviews with well known historians. The film showcases
more than a millennium old harmonious co-existence of Islam in Tamizhagam.

The Tamil Jains, Buddhists, Saivites, Vaishnavites, Muslims and Christians have enriched Tamil. Listen to melodious songs from Tamil Islamic literature being sung in Carnatic by Isai Murasu Seera Aboobacker and Kaviko Abdul Rahman speaking about the Tamil Islamic literature. Excerpts from my film 'Yaadhum

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