Monday, April 6, 2015

SNEHITHIYE KELADI  சிநேகிதி கேளடி

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. We have made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go and need your help! This video is especially made to touch the lives of millions of families.Every patient’s journey is unique. It is a personal story of survival and loss.We tried capturing the universal nature of this ubiquitous disease.

Breast cancer patients will find familiar story lines, but all viewers will come away touched, motivated, educated and inspired and hopefully get helpful perspectives.This video strives for that. It's a sincere effort from all of us. Women, especially in India need to understand that good health is happiness.

It is interesting to see how slow change in lifestyle of Indian women has brought the stress into her life. Modern women live in two systems in the present generation and need to perform both "Familial as well as Professional" role. This in turn leads to a number of stresses among working women, which sets in their body as many psychosomatic and other disease. Whilst women in today’s Indian society may be climbing the career ladder, they still partake in a greater share of household chores in contrast to their male counterparts.So it is important that health is prioritized and the first real importance is given to health for perfect happiness.

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