Sunday, December 5, 2010

Allah Allah Ya Masr

Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy: (in my childhood affected voice Sheikh Egypt; I loved reading the Koran).
and one of the readers commented on the news: when there is one man .. You like the entire country .. since I knew that Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Kuwaiti and I adore all that is Kuwaiti.
Converge words of Sheikh of Kuwait and Egyptian reader, as an example of a strong opening in the good, and convergence among the Muslims.
We take the very best, especially when we saw his modesty, and politeness in his interview with Egyptian television. He cultivates his love of God in the hearts of the people, and all this in the balance of good deeds, God willing, even after the cut off of work. May not have heard of Sheikh before now only a little, but the impact of his smart and beautiful will continue a lot. And does not commend one to God. I liked the song in the words of said characteristics of the people of Egypt, and her visit to the prophets, and the status of Al-Azhar.
The good word may open a country such as (such as Indonesia in Muslim without a fight, but the treatment of Muslim traders and among them the Arabs when they traveled to a request for a living, and advocacy. where he came early traders from the Arabian Peninsula From: Oman, Hadhramaut, and the southern coast of Yemen, and took their positions First on the west coast of Sumatra, and they called Smadrp, and they were the people of the Shafi'i school year, the Indians have entered the islands of the Hanafi doctrine).
And a good word has almost hearts (such as Muslims and Europeans with American who transcends - unfortunately - some Muslim Arabs on the degree of religiosity).
And may serve as a good word peoples (such as Africa that had been forgotten by some in the religious call to it without oil, or material return).
Let the key to good Muslim Mglaca a good word for evil, or keep silent. And to distance himself a Muslim for any word racist malicious; have made sedition, or lost people, or frustrate the work.
Song: Allah Allah - Lyrics: Ahmed Marzouk

Allah Allah ... BARBIE Allah Allah ... and from my heart at Elly Otodo ... Like that from the Nile and the blessings of Dawn Wolfe in Egypt and their acolytes Allah Allah Allah Allah .. The Al-Azhar Allah Allah ... God is the world's largest ... and I will Aktar if I said I do not Aocefha Hncefha Acfhiha God and God
Ya we go to Egypt ... Maine? Ibat salami in two words, O people of God to its people miss the good friendly Yama Yama the faithful, God willing, and scientists estimate Valozahr say what you want This is Me and God the Lord of Sky heterodox them and say Amen, God willing, God willing
 Egypt has had Elly Hebron Abraham and during the day and a night walk where the subjects responded to the Lord called him Musa lived there and the lady crossed the Sahara Ktawiyeha Virgin & the large on its soil, the Prophet Joseph, and a friend and Hama
And told me tell her words Khalani Iasalam de Yally I drew years and years of Tannen lot in the country and I would see people dictate Bet'oul beauty is that which is reasonable for me and I felt between her family abandoned Bhjat mind fly

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