Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Computer Repetitive Stress Injuries

The use of The use of computers in colleges and offices has increased substantially over the past few years. This has resulted in an increase in computer repetitive stress injuries (CRSI) that include shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, backache, wrist pain, eye discomfort, and carpal tunnel syndrome.1

Today, nearly 200,000 Americans suffer from work related musculoskeletal injuries due to poor design of work place2. Over one half of these injuries are due to use of computers.2 In the year 1994, 7897 cases of carpel tunnel syndrome was reported due to repetitive typing.2 More specifically, at an engineering firm, 46% of the employees suffered from neck pain, 38.5% had headaches, 30.8% had shoulder pain, and 30.8% had back pain due to computer use.2

There is a huge imbalance in health care allocation in the United States with 95% of the investments being used to treat diseases, and only 5% being used for prevention3. Taking this into consideration, this video intends to increase public awareness and talks about the various ergonomic techniques that can be used to prevent CRSI.

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