Thursday, January 19, 2012

SALAUDEEN AYYUBI -சலாகுத்தீன் அய்யூபி

• 1138: Born in Tikrit in Iraq as the son of the Kurdish chief Najm ad-Din Ayyub.

• 1152: Starts to work in the service of the Syrian ruler, Nur al-Din.

• 1164: He starts to show his military abilities in three campaigns against the Crusaders who were established in Palestine.

• 1169: Serves as second to the commander in chief of the Syrian army, his uncle Shirkuh.

• 1171: Saladin suppresses the Fatimid rulers of Egypt in 1171, whereupon he unites Egypt with the Abbasid Caliphate.

• 1174: Nur al-Din. dies, and Saladin uses the opportunity to extend his power base, conquering Damascus.

• 1175: The Syrian Assassin leader Rashideddin's men make two attempts on the life of Saladin. The second time, the Assassin came so close that wounds were inflicted upon Saladin.

• 1176: Saladin besieges the fortress of Masyaf, the stronghold of Rashideddin. After some weeks, Saladin suddenly withdraws, and leaves the Assassins in peace for the rest of his life. It is believed that he was exposed to a threat of having his entire family murdered.

• 1183: Conquers the important north-Syrian city of Aleppo.

• 1186: Conquers Mosul in northern Iraq.

• 1187: With his new strength he attacks the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, and after three months of fighting gains control over the city.

• 1189: A third Crusade manages to enlarge the coastal area of Palestine, while Jerusalem remains under Saladin's control.

• 1192: With The Peace of Ramla armistice agreement with King Richard 1 of England, the whole coast was defined as Christian land, while the city of Jerusalem remained under Muslim control.

• 1193 March 4: Dies in Damascus after a short illness.

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