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The Healing power of Quran -New Remedy by Abduldaeem Alkahee

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First a Warning to Muslims
As we know Deeds are judged by intentions and fins so we as Muslims shouldnot read quran or perform prayers just for health reasons but to satisfy Allah since quran & fasting mediate for the slave on judgment day , and one gets a reward if he reads a letter from quran & the clever at quran will be with those high rank in heaven (safarah bararah) but this who reads it with difficulty will have 2 rewards(but that means one should try to improve his reading skill not saying he will have 2 rewards due to the fact that he has difficulty in reading it) , moreover quran reader is elevated in heaven due to his reading of quran AS IN PROPHET HADITHS(PUH) ,moreover prayers has good health effects for the head & muscles but we pray not 4 that but beacuse prayer is a pillar of islam about which we will be asked first on judgement day & if the prayers of us is valid ,all our other deeds will be so but if not , our other deeds are corrupted & those who leave prayers are infidels AS IN PROPHET HADITHS(PUH)
The Healing power of Quran -New Remedy
this lies in:
the sound of reciting quran.
the meanings of quran verses.
the balance of quran verses.
the fact that the quran is from Allah who caused the illness.
the info of quran affects the info of cells and acts against the corrupting info of the virus programs since all viruses and cells are programs .

note :the slide is fast so u will need to pause them.

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