Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lap pe aati hai dua !

Allama Iqbal - Lab pe aati hai dua. A poem by Allama Iqbal for children.

One of the masterpieces by Allama Iqbal includes the nazm which goes - "Lab pe aati hai dua ..." It is a kind of dua (prayer) which asks God to bless us with some beautiful things like love for the entire world, love for one's country, love for knowledge that becomes a blessing for the entire mankind and lastly, compassion for all human beings.

This soulful nasheed has been sung by melodious but a little unheard singer -- Siza
My longing comes to my lips assupplication of mine.

O ALLAH ! may like the candle the life of mine.

May my homeland through me attain elegance.

As the garden through flowers attains elegance.

May my life like that of the moth be O LORD !.

May i love the lamp of knowledge O LORD !

May supportive of the poor my life's way be .

May loving the old, the suffring my way be.

O ALLAH ! protect me from the evil ways.

Show me the path leading to the good ways.

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