Friday, April 27, 2012

Islam in India இந்தியாவில் இஸ்லாம்

Islam in India

Did you know...

Islam is the second largest religion in India

India holds the third largest population of Muslims from around the world.

If the Indian Muslims constituted one country, they would be ranked in the Top 10 of highest populations by country.

Sanskrit was one of the first languages to be translated into Arabic (post AH).

The Mughal Empire at its zenith covered almost all of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and large chunks of Central Asia,

India is one of the few (if not only) non-Muslim majority country's in the world that reserves the right for Muslims to refer to the Shariah for Personal Law.

Three of India's Presidents have been Muslim.

Indian Occupied Kashmir is the only Indian state that has a majority Muslim population.

Indian Muslim's were among the most prominent advocates of anti-colonialism in pre-independence India.

Indian-Islamic architecture is regarded as among some of the best Islamic architecture in the Muslim world.

If Hindustani (Hindi & Urdu) was regarded as one language, it would possibly be the second largest language in the world, on its own.

The overwhelming majority of Indian Muslims are of Arabic, Persian or Turkish descent, as opposed to being "forcefully converted". Exception to the rule: Mappilas - they embraced Islam voluntarily very early on.

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